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Softball players information can be received from books, but the best way to learn anything is to get out and do it. Learning how to be come a softball player starts with a knowledge of the game. The softball player that goes the most furthest in her their career is the one that shows heart and determination from the beginning. Many players began their career with play in peewee leagues and continued their journey throughout high school and college play. Becoming a professional player takes years of practice and the proper techniques that make movements flawless.

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The most successful team in softball is the US’s fast pitch team. They have won seven World Championship gold medals and earned gold in three of the past four Olympic competitions. This team has dominated the sport and continues to be a leader of competition at the Softball World Championship’s each year. Each year the organization offers clinics and camps to players of all ages to provide education and tips for obtaining the best skills in the game. They teach that it takes dedication above all else.

The first step to becoming a great player requires knowledge of the game’s rules. Finding information that explains in full detail each rule is a great place to start. It is important to know how the game is played before even stepping on the field for the first time. Many teams will hold meetings prior to each season to go over the rules and make sure all the players have a perfect understanding of what will be required. Joining a league that is close to home is recommended, since practices are held often. Additional practice on an individual level may be required to help a player better prepare themselves in certain aspects of the game. Often a full practice will be devoted to batting practice or simply fielding the ball. Softball requires a lot of physical movement and range of motion, so stretching and muscle building are important. Stretching is required prior to each practice or game to reduce the risk of muscle injury.

Some of the most successful players in softball started out playing in local youth leagues. Players like Ashley Neufeld and Kyrstin Gemar have made their mark on the softball world and are admired by young players and adults alike. While there are men’s professional softball teams, female teams have more of a following since the majority of men prefer baseball instead. College teams are often scouted by the professionals looking for new additions to their teams. Some of the top high school players are also scouted and followed throughout their careers. Often high school students will participate in local clinics to provide softball players information to youth in their communities, who might one day take their place on the same team.

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